What Is Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ About?

Edgar WrightWENN/Lia Toby

We might well bemoan the loss of the Edgar Wright touch on Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man feature, but there is a silver lining: now, the innovative action-comedy director gets to work on his own original (and, likely, far more interesting) project. Deadline reports that Wright will next helm a film called Baby Driver, a mixture of “crime, action, music and sound.” Even with all those nouns jumbled together, the project is still largely ambiguous. And with a title like Baby Driver, we can only begin to imagine what it might be about…

A baby that’s also a driver?
Wright directs a Look Who’s Talking-style family comedy (rated R for language and violence, but still… for the family) about an infant who sets out on the road in his parents’ Chevy Camaro.

Somebody who drives babies around? Like a chauffer for babies?
Inspired by Vin Diesel’s The Pacifier, Wright creates a film about a tough guy getaway driver who takes a new gig picking up the Wasserman kids from nursery school… and grows to love them.

Somebody who drives actual babies? Like the car is a baby, and the guy drives the baby-car?
In the distant future, Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” has been brought to life in a few interesting ways. This dark dystopian fantasy has people driving around vehicles made of discarded babies, in light of the recent metal shortage.

An early-years biopic about Good Will Hunting star Minnie Driver?
Get it?

An animated film about a young screwdriver?
Finally, Wright takes his visual style to Pixar, breathing life into a toolbox of adventures led by a plucky young screwdriver named Phillip.

So, maybe one of those. Or, you know, an actual idea. Either way, we’re excited.