Edward Norton directs and stars in ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Trailer

Its officially Oscar season and Edward Norton is coming in with a banger in his ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Trailer.

Based on the book by Jonathan Lethem and adapted by Norton, the film follows Lionel Essrog (Norton). Lionel suffers from Tourrette’s Syndrom. On the outside, we see the tics and verbal shout outs that we are used to, but on top of that on the inside, he tends to mess up his words. He becomes friends with Frank Minna (Bruce Willis) a private eye who’s on a rough case, and then he’s murdered. It’s up to Lionel to find out what happened so he follows the girl that Frank was following in Laura (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). As it turns out this is a lot bigger than what Lionel was ready for, with the head of the city (Alec Baldwin) involved.


‘Motherless Brooklyn’ releases on November 1, 2019.