‘Elf’ Recut As A Thriller Is The Most Terrifying Christmas Film In Existence

Christmas is well over for 2016, but some of us are still basking in our off-from-work glow. While you’re laying around the house in your cozy Holiday sweaters waiting for 2017, it’s tradition to reach for a family-friendly Christmas film like Elf. Unless, of course, Elf is being shown in it’s true form — a gritty tale about a boy who was abducted in early childhood and was never quite right since.

Someone brilliantly transformed the classic Will Ferrell comedy into a dark, gritty Christmas film that rivals the creepiness of Krampus. When you switch out the music to something a bit more suspenseful, Buddy’s cheerful laugh and innocent-sounding voice turn straight-up creepy. Seriously, what’s wrong with him and why is he so darn cheerful? We’re nervous at the thought of what he’s going to do to Zooey Deschanel’s innocent mall elf.

Check out the creepy-as-anything trailer above. Do you think Elf works as a horror?

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