Eli Manning: His 3 Favorite Sports Movies — EXCLUSIVE

Eli ManningIt doesn’t matter what team to which you pledge your allegiances, you can’t deny that Eli Manning is a class act. At the very least, you have to give the New York Giants quarterback credit for his taste in movies and television. The dude knows his sports flicks.

Hollywood.com spoke to Manning at the Pampers “Most Valuable Dads Celebration” at CitiField Stadium in Queens, New York on Sunday, learning about the 31-year-old NFL star’s pop culture preferences. To start off the conversation, we asked Manning to name his three favorite sports movies — each of his picks was a worthy mention. “Let’s say number one: Hoosiers,” Manning said, describing the 1986 Gene Hackman film as “a little basketball, and just a classic story.”

Manning also exhibited his appreciation for some good humor with his second choice: “Caddyshack. It’s sports, it’s a lot of fun, and great history.” Finally, Manning mentioned his third sports movie: “I’d say Miracle, which is kind of a newer one … It’s a great story about our country and the Olympics.”

But Manning’s interests aren’t limited to the big screen. The QB spoke about one of his favorite shows: “Modern Family is kind of one of my top ones that I watch, so that’s probably my favorite one.” Of course, the one television show that people most likely think of in accordance with either Manning or his Denver Broncos star brother, Peyton Manning, is Saturday Night Live.

We asked Manning whether or not he’d consider taking to the SNL stage with hosting duties as a followup to his episode in May. Manning stated, “If they wanted me, I would probably do it again. It might be good to have a few year break on it, but it was a lot of fun. I had a blast doing it. [It’s] a big relief when you finish that show. I made it. Not too many mistakes. I think I did okay.”

But the real question is: Who hosted better, Eli or Peyton?

“I don’t know,” said Manning on the matter. “I’m sure there’s many thoughts and writers saying who was better, but I know I had fun, and that was kind of my whole mindset.” Their brotherly competition doesn’t seem to transcend to the world of comedy. Manning said, “I wasn’t trying to be a better actor than Peyton.”  Just to go in there, have a great show, enjoy my time, and enjoy every second.”

[Reporting by Lindsey DiMattina]

[Photo Credit: Pampers]


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