Elisabeth Moss helped edit The Invisible Man to ensure ‘female perspective’

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss had a hands-on role in editing her new flick The Invisible Man to ensure the movie did right by the female point of view.

The star appears in the upcoming movie as Cecilia Kass, who manages to escape an abusive relationship only for her abuser (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) to begin tormenting her as an invisible entity.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, the actress revealed she insisted on helping edit Leigh Whannell’s script, which is based on a novel by H. G. Wells, to ensure the female perspective was there.

“I think most men who are intelligent want to (appeal to a female audience),” she explained.

“I mean, this was written by a man. He wrote it brilliantly. It’s a beautiful script and what’s on the screen is very, very close to what he wrote. But he also had the intelligence to ask me, as soon as I was cast: ‘Can you please tell me what I did wrong here? What did I miss? You’re a woman, you’re coming at this from a completely different perspective. What can I put in here that will be true to being a female?’”

Elisabeth continued: “Most men that I’ve dealt with, and worked with, have that frame of mind. So, I think that is important, and I think that most smart men know that. But there are some dummies out there.”

The Invisible Man hits theatres Friday (February 28, 2020).