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Eva Longoria Thrilled She Missed Out on ‘Spanglish’

Eva Longoria has Paz Vega to thank for her part in Desperate Housewives, because if the Spaniard hadn’t won the lead in Spanglish, the Latina would have missed out on the role of a lifetime.

Both Longoria and Eva Mendes were competing with Vega for the role of housekeeper Flor Morena in the Adam Sandler movie, which the Spanish actress eventually won.

And, looking back, Longoria is thrilled–because she would have been working on that movie when auditions for Desperate Housewives took place.

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She explains, “I met Eva Mendes on an audition for Spanglish and we both didn’t get it, obviously, so when I ran into her a year or two later she said, ‘Isn’t it funny; if I had gotten Spanglish, I wouldn’t have gotten Hitch.’

“If I had done Spanglish I wouldn’t have done Desperate Housewives and so I believe everything is for a reason and everything is meant to be.”

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