Every ‘Lost’ Star Should Get a Superhero Movie

Evangeline Lilly/ Ant-ManWENN/Marvel

The cast of Edgar Wright’s superhero adventure, Ant-Man is growing at an exponential rate, and after the recent additions of Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Michael Pena to the cast, Evangeline Lilly is now being considered to play the female lead.

Lilly is no stranger to genre film, after spending six years battling smoke monsters on Lost, and appearing in Peter Jackson latest The Hobbit movie. While the jury is still out on who the actress will play in the upcoming film, the scuttlebutt over at Variety is hinting that she might be cast as the daughter of Hank Pym (Douglas), and a love interest to Scott Lang (Rudd, Ant-Man himself). Since Lily is taking her first step into comic book filmmaking, we wondered what roles the rest of her Lost castmates could play. We’ve already heard rumors of Josh Halloway being considered to play Aquaman, or some other DC fixture, in the bizarrely cast Batman vs. Superman. We think his casting as Aquaman could work, given he plays the hook-handed and more roguish version of the character, and not the vintage boy scout of the sea of yesteryear that probably cries a lot after watching Finding Nemo. So now that we’re in Lost mode, which superheroes can we match up with the other islanders?

Matthew Fox (Jack)
What Character?:
The Red Hood
Why: The Red Hood is a former incarnation of Robin who gets blown up by the Joker and feels betrayed that Batman never killed the dastardly clown in retaliation. Those are some Jack-level daddy issues. We’ve already seen Fox play maniacal in Tyler Perry Presents: Alex Cross, so maybe he could pull it off in a future Batman movie.

Terry O’Quinn (Locke)
What Character?:
Lex Luthor
Why: Terry O’Quinn is already bald so that’s already a mark in his favor, but his period as “Evil Locke” showed that the actor exuded the right mix intelligence, charisma, megalomania to be Superman’s greatest foe.

Naveen Andrews (Sayid)
What Character?:
Why: Archangel or Warren Kenneth Worthington III was a young rich playboy whose mutant powers manifested into a pair of giant wings that allowed him to fly. Several very comic book-like plot developments turned him into a dark and misunderstood anti-hero. Sayid had a similar slide into darkness during Lost and, Naveen Andrews is well-equipped to play a similar character.

Emilie de Ravin (Claire)
What Character?:
Why: Jubilee is a young and feisty member of the X-Men. Actress Emile De Ravin has a lot of the same exuberance and sweetness that has made the character such a popular addition to the X-Men mythos over the years.

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie)
What Character?:
Why: Green Arrow’s troubled sidekick grappled with a crippling drug addiction, and is generally underappreciated in the comics world for being the sidekick of a character whose only ability is to shoot arrows pretty well. Who is better to play Speedy than Dominic Monaghan, who plays a wounded drug addict extremely well in Lost.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley)
What Character?:
The Kingpin
Why: Jorge Garcia has always played the nice guy, but maybe it’s time for some career diversity. We want to see the actor take on a role that’s really a 180 from anything that he’s done before.

Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim (Jin and Sun)
What Character?:
The Wonder Twins
Why: One of Lost’s most crushing moments was the demise of Jin and Sun. In fact, we still wonder why Jin didn’t leave Sun behind, no matter how painful it would have been, to raise their baby, but that’s an Internet rant for another day. Bringing the actors back in roles where they would hardly ever be separated from each other is the only remedy for our post-Lost blues.

Harold Perrineau (Michael)
What Character?:
The Punisher
Michael lost his only son on the island, and has done some unsavory things in order to find him. Loss has driven him to do some terrible things, but deep down he’s still a good guy, just a bit misguided with the methods he uses.

Malcolm David Kelley (Waaaaaaaaaalt)
What Character?:
Franklin Richards
Why: Walt seemed like a normal kid in Lost‘s first season. That is until he started using creepy backwards speak and was revealed to have some sort of mystical connection with the island that had viewers going “What the f**k is up with that kid”. He could definitely play Franklin Richards who also seemed normal, before becoming a reality-warping mutant.

Michael Emerson (Ben Linus)
What Character?:
Doctor Octopus
Why: Michael Emerson played the manipulative and intelligent Ben Linus in Lost, and he’d be perfect to play Dr. Otto Octavius in the new Spider-Man series.