Everyone’s Favorite Horror Doll is back ‘Annabelle: Creation’


Annabelle is a doll that even many grown men and women can’t even look at.

Starting in 2013 The Conjuring blew audience’s minds with the based on a trust story of Ed and Lorraine Warren and their stories of horror. In 2014 the doll did a spin off to the time before the Conjuring took place. In Annabelle, the doll terrified a collector had possession of Annabelle and terrible things happened to her, her husband, and their baby. Now we learn the origin story of the doll in ‘Annabelle: Creation’.

A young girl found her way into an orphanage that is downright creepy. The owner is a mother (Alicia Vela-Bailey) and father (Anthony LaPaglia) who lost their young daughter in a tragic accident. The couple would often have contact with their deceased daughter. It needed a vessel, so the father made her a doll. As it turns out, this was a bad idea and the horror begins.


Annabelle: Creation releases May 19, 2017.