Exclusive ‘Cars 2’ Interviews: John Lasseter, Larry the Cable Guy and More!

When crafting Cars 2, producer-director John Lasseter saw two films in particular, The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part II, as guideposts for what he hoped to achieve with Disney/Pixar’s first non-Toy Story sequel. Given that those two titles are considered by many to be the greatest sequels of all time, one would think his aim might be a tad high for a talking-car movie starring Larry the Cable Guy. But if there’s anyone capable of building Cars 2 to such lofty standards, it’s Lasseter, whose track record over the last 25 years as Pixar’s chief creative mind is nothing short of breathtaking.

Check out our exclusive interviews Lasseter and Cars 2 stars Larry the Cable Guy, Owen Wilson, Eddie Izzard, and Emily Mortimer:

John Lasseter interview:

Cars 2 opens everywhere this Friday, June 24, 2011.