10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman makes her highly-anticipated live-action full-length film appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Gal Gadot may be the first version of Wonder Woman some audiences will see but the iconic character’s rich history dates back to the 1940s. Whether you love Lynda Carter’s version of the character or you’re a brand new fan, these 10 facts will make you love this iconic character even more!

 1. A man who had a hand in inventing the polygraph test, created her.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter
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That’s right.William Moulton Marston, who helped invent the lie detector test, created her. That might explain why Wonder Woman carries a Lasso of Truth.

2. The Justice Society of America was so impressed with her, they decided to hire her…as a secretary.

Batman Wonder Woman
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Before the Justice League, the Justice Society of America was DC Comics’ top superhero team. Wonder Woman helped out the team in a 1942 story which resulted her joining as an honorary member and secretary. Needless to say, she wasn’t confined to a sexist job for long!

3. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment developed a Wonder Woman TV series for NBC in 2011 that never saw the light of day.

Wonder Woman Justice League Diana Prince
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Adrianne Palicki, whom fans may know as Bobbi Morse from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., took on the role of the iconic superhero. While it never became a full series, you can still check out the critically panned pilot online.

4. She is not afraid to kill.

Wonder Woman Justice League
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Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord after learning it was the only way to prevent his mind control of Superman. She only did what was necessary!

5. Her original name was going to be “Suprema, the Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
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“Wonder Woman” sounds cooler on its own.

6. Wonder Woman is so powerful, she actually needs to hold herself back.

Lynda Carter
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In the New 52, she removes her bullet-shielding bracelets during a fight with Artemis, a God, to unleash the full extent of her powers. Imagine if she did this for every fight!

7. She can lift Thor’s hammer.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman
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In a 1996 Marvel vs. DC crossover, Wonder Woman is deemed worthy to hold the weapon very few can possess. She chooses to discard it during a fight with Marvel’s Storm because it would have given her an unfair advantage. Even in the biggest battles, she still has integrity!

8. She is the star of her own show.

Wonder Woman Justice League
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When you think about it, most female superheroes typically spin off from comics and movies starring men. Black Widow appeared as a supporting character for Iron Man first and Supergirl was a spinoff of Superman before either of these characters starred in their own comics. Wonder Woman has the distinction of being the star of her own series from the beginning.

9. Gal Gadot is actually not the first actress to portray Wonder Woman in a live-action film.

That honor belongs to Rileah Vanderbilt who portrayed the superhero in this impressive three-minute short film from 2013. Now, why did it take so long for a full-length movie to be made?

10. She ran for president twice.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
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Marston wrote her first run for office in 1943 and her second run appeared in an issue of Ms. magazine in 1972. She lost both times but maybe she can be our next president during her third run for office. We are Wonder Woman fans and we approve this message.