‘Fall Breakers’ is the ‘Spring Breakers’ Parody You Never Knew You Wanted

Fall Breakers, Spring Breakers ParodyLady Products/YouTube

Spring Breakers was a decisive film: you either loved it or you hated it. But we can all agree that the parody video, “Fall Breakers,” is the funniest thing we’ve seen since the leaves began changing colors, right?

The video from Lady Products, a women-led sketch group, contains flannel instead of bikinis, pumpkin spiced lattes instead of booze, and girls rolling around in piles of leaves rather than piles of money. All the while, Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” plays in the background and a James Franco character — though with a beard and corn teeth — whispers: “Fall Break, b**ches.”

Then there are brief glimpses of girls eating pumpkin pie with their hands and taking sexy bites out of caramel apples — which we had no idea was actually possible. Plus a girl seductively putting on layer after layer of sweaters, until she finally puts on a scarf and cute hat.

You won’t find any ex-Disney stars dancing around in their bikinis with guns in this video, but you will see Vane$$a Hudgens drinking a pumpkin spiced latte out of a paper Starbucks coffee cup—without a sleeve! How dangerous, how scandalous.  

For those of us who love wearing as many sweaters and flannels as possible, and pumpkin carving — though maybe not rubbing the pumpkin guts all over ourselves (ick) — “Fall Breakers” is the perfect representation of our favorite season. Really, don’t we all want to go around laying in parks with friends, pouring apple cider over each other’s heads, and dancing in showers of leaves? Of course we do.