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15 Famous Co-Stars You Never Knew Hated Each Other’s Guts

It’s no secret that celebrities don’t always love their co-stars, but these 15 pairs of stars will shock you with their feuds. Whether they were magic onscreen and nightmares off or just plain crazy with the way they behaved toward one another, these are the rivalries that take the cake:
1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes
While it may seem impossible to resist the charms of young Leonardo DiCaprio, that’s exactly what happened with his Romeo + Juliet co-star, Claire Danes. The sixteen year old actress reportedly found the heartthrob, known to be somewhat of a prankster on set, to be too immature, spending as much time as possible away from him behind the scenes; he thought she was too uptight. At least they found chemistry onscreen!

2. Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

Even though they made one of the greatest couples we’ve seen in a movie in quite some time (and went on to become a real life couple we totally loved), Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling tooootally did not get along on the set of The Notebook. Director Nicholas Cassavetes has discussed Gosling’s struggles with McAdams, recalling the actor asking for someone else to read lines with him off-camera because he couldn’t work with McAdams. At one point, the two were put in a room with a producer, screamed and shouted at one another, and emerged from the room ready to commence with filming. Cassavetes says that even though it was not all smooth sailing from there, it was smoother.

3. Shia LaBeouf & Tom Hardy

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While filming Lawless, LaBeouf admits he didn’t always get along with Hardy; Hardy admits that Shia knocked him out. “Out cold. He’s a bad, bad boy. He is. He’s quite intimidating as well. He’s a scary dude… He just attacked me. He was drinking moonshine. I was wearing a cardigan, and er, went down.” We’re not sure how that could even happen, considering Tom Hardy is one of the guys we’re least likely to mess with (have you seen Bronson?), but now we know there’s a way darker story behind that selfie they took together.

4. Joan Crawford & Bette Davis

This one may just be the most famous feud on this list. Bette Davis was apprehensive in starring in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? simply because of her co-star: Joan Crawford. During filming, Davis went to extreme lengths to make herself as ugly as possible, but Crawford went in the other direction (she even made sure her bras were padded despite the fact that her character should have been withering away). The fighting continued throughout filming, ranging from complaints regarding Crawford’s drinking on set to Davis allegedly kicking Crawford in the head (in a scene where her character kicks Crawford’s). For another scene, Joan’s character was to be dragged from bed by Bette’s, so she rigged weights in her wardrobe, giving Davis a back injury. After spending each day fighting, both actresses would call the director, Robert Aldrich, to complain about the other. Oi.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall

The media loves to play up hype of women hating each other, and that could very well be the case for these Sex and the City stars. The rumors surrounding these two stars are endless, usually involving salary disputes, though nobody really knows for sure why they didn’t get along (or even if they didn’t get along). SJP has alluded to the feuding when she claimed that long days on set sometimes ended with “hurt feelings.”

6. Shirley MacLaine & Debra Winger

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Terms of Endearment, Shirley MacLaine, Debra WingerParamount via Everett Collection

Despite the fact that this movie will make you sob uncontrollably, run to your mother, and tell her you love her, there was no love lost between Terms of Endearment‘s stars. MacLaine even wrote in her memoir that Winger farted. in. her. face. at one point. The feud continued throughout awards season — which pitted the stars against each other at the Oscars, with MacLaine winning — and may even continue to this day. We’re totally Team MacLaine, not just because she’s ***flawless, but because people who fart in other people’s faces need to be stopped! 

7. Will Smith & Janet Hubert

Have you ever wondered why The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air changed actresses between seasons 3 and 4? Any fan of the show has surely noticed that Aunt Viv undergoes a radical change — in fact, even Jazz references this change in the first episode of the 4th season, when he tells Mrs. Banks, “ever since you had that baby, there’s something different about you.” The reason for this, it seems, is that the original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, and Will Smith had a crazy feud that resulted in her being fired from the show. She has claimed that working Will and Alfonso Ribeiro was a nightmare, and she also made it plain that she considers Smith a diva. We wish they could’ve worked out their differences, because Janet’s Viv was a boss. We’ll let Janet discuss this one in her own words:

8. Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey

It turns out, Swayze probably would have loved to put Baby in a corner. In his autobiography, the late star recalled how difficult his Dirty Dancing co-star was to work with. He dished about her hypersensitive reactions to criticism, the “silly moods” she frequently found herself in, and how often she disrupted filming by not containing her laughter. This is one of those feuds that we’ll choose to ignore — Dirty Dancing is so much better without that baggage, isn’t it?

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9. Shannen Doherty &…The World

Shannen Doherty has earned herself a reputation as being a difficult co-star. On Beverly Hills, 90210, she allegedly did not get along with Tori Spelling at all (though, we can’t say we blame her really). Spelling even once mentioned a fist fight (!!) between Doherty and 90210 co-star Jennie Garth. After leaving that show early, she joined the cast of Charmed, where she didn’t get along with Alyssa Milano before leaving that show early. 

10. Meryl Streep & Dustin Hoffman

Is it really even possible to hate Meryl Streep? Apparently, it is, if you’re Dustin Hoffman. While filming the Academy Award winning Kramer vs. Kramer, about a couple battling through a bitter and painful divorce, Hoffman was going through the very same thing in his personal life. According to the actor, he brought his real life drama to set with him and unleashed a bit of it on Meryl. Because she’s so fabulous and not used to people disliking her, Meryl didn’t really notice his animosity.

11. Sharon Stone & Billy Baldwin

Sliver, Sharon Stone, Billy BaldwinParamount via Everett Collection

Which Baldwin brother is Sharon Stone’s favorite? Not Billy! While filming the 1993 movie, Sliver, Stone allegedly allowed her venomous feelings for her co-star take over during a love scene. While kissing him, she bit his tongue to show him how she really felt. Ouch!

12. Lucy Liu & Bill Murray

It’s hard to imagine anyone disliking Bill Murray, but Lucy Liu managed to turn him into an enemy while filming Charlie’s Angels. While the story is varied, the gist of it is that Murray informed Ms. Liu that she couldn’t act (some sources say this happened mid-scene), which she may or may not have retaliated to. Murray has since been quoted on the incident: “Look, I will dismiss you completely if you are unprofessional and working with me…When our relationship is professional, and you’re not getting that done, forget it.” The two are friends now, but we can understand why Liu didn’t take kindly to Bill’s opinion. No wonder Bernie Mac filled his shoes for the sequel.

13. Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey


This one is one of the most well known feuds around (and having most of it play out on American Idol certainly didn’t help that), though it’s also a bit of the most nonsensical. It’s never been made clear why these two hate each other so much, but almost any clip from that season of the talent competition will show just how incessant their bickering was. While their time on Idol is over, their feud definitely isn’t. Mariah’s take on the whole experience?

14. Betty White & Bea Arthur

Hating Betty White is infinitely more shocking than hating Meryl Streep — and that’s saying something. Though, for largely unknown reasons, Bea Arthur did indeed dislike Betty quite a bit. White and Rue McClanahan have both commented on Bea’s dislike for Betty’s sunny disposition. So, The Golden Girls weren’t as great of friends as we always thought, and that’s apparently because Betty White is too damn happy. What?!

15. David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson


This one was one of the most painful to swallow, but The X-Files‘ Mulder and Scully weren’t as in love with each other as fans liked to imagine they were. Duchovny has been open about the hostility between the two, claiming “familiarity breeds contempt,” which we totally understand. Nothing makes people start to hate each other more than spending a ton of time together, right? At times, the pair couldn’t stand the sight of the other and they would frequently argue over nothing. Anderson had a valid reason for her unhappiness: Duchovny, her co-star and equal on the show, was paid double her salary. In addition to that injustice, she was also forced to always walk behind Duchovny, despite having the same amount of dialogue, because she’s a woman. While this feud (which has since ended) hurt to learn about, we’re totally on Anderson’s side.

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