Fans Hope For The Best With ‘Tomb Raider’ In Trailer 2


Laura Croft is a pioneer in video games.

The original Playstation way back in 1996 was the first time that many children played a video game as a bad ass girl. Years later in 2001, Angelina Jolie brought the role to the big screen amd was the perfect person to play her. She did two films and ended then ended her version. She’s still very popular in video games (and her deaths being impaled on a tree stump while going down rapids has reached infamy). In 2009 it was announced that they would make a reboot telling the origin story, and thus, needed a young LAra Croft, and that enters Alicia Vikander.

When promo shots came out many internet fans were skeptical. When the first trailer was released even more so. Now Alicia Vikander looks like she can hold her own, but the storyline has caused the internet to uproar (surprising). All of the classic lines, items, and problems have made it to the trailer, and people have caught on. Generic lines slowed down version of a hit pop song,  things being spoiled way sooner than they should be, really unrealistic scenes, and some wacky CGI (at least it’s better than 96 level graphics).

Hopefully, Vikander can turn it around in the actual film.


‘Tomb Raider’ releases March 16, 2018.

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