Fassbender Might Team with ‘Apes’ Director for KGB Spy Biopic

Michael FassbenderMichael Fassbender is the guy to bet on these days.

Not only does he have a name that sounds remarkably like “Fast-Bender” (which really means nothing, but sounds like it could very well mean something awesome), he’s also very good at that acting thing he’s been up to of late. The latest news around the fast bend is the development of a biopic about Russian secret agent Alexander Litvinenko. The spy served for the Soviet KGB and its successor, the FSB, until his arrest in 1998. The story of the film will follow the later days of Litvinenko’s life, after he was fatally poisoned in 2006 by an exposure to polonium radiation.

Fassbender is being reached to play Litvinenko, who, while on bedrest in London, publicized the statement that it was Vladimir Putin, then-president of Russia, who intentionally poisoned him. Warner Bros., the studio producing the film, is reaching for Rupert Wyatt, the celebrated director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, to take charge behind the camera.

The Fast-Bender and the Ape-Riser… Ape-Riser is a terrible nickname; I apologize, Mr. Wyatt. The Fast-Bender and the Caesar-Homer (there it is). Could this duo-on-the-rise pull together and delivier an intriguing, terrifying and heartbreaking story? Instill sympathy into a Soviet spy, and strength into a dying man? If anyone can do it… it’s the Fast-Bender and the Rocket-Cookier (there it is).

Source: Deadline