Join Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson for a Live Stream of the ‘Fast and Furious 6’ Red Carpet

Credit: Universal Pictures

We all wish we could zoom around the globe in sleek automobiles, facing off with perfectly toned, immaculately bronzed action heroes on a high-flying mission for some forgettable end game. But it’s just such a hassle, isn’t it? It’d be so much easier to simply watch big name actors take on these conquests from the comfort of a local multiplex… and easier still, to watch the same big name actors suit up for glitzy gala events on your own computer. Fast & Furious 6, the next turn in the road raging franchise, opens later this month, and its cast is assembling for the film’s red carpet event on Tuesday.

Below, you can watch a live stream of the event starting at 12:30 PM ET, where you’ll find the likes of Fast 6 stars Vin DieselDwayne Johnson, and Michelle Rodriguez in signficantly more prim and proper get-ups than we’ll be seeing on the big screen. Check out the video, and catch Fast 6 in theaters on May 24.

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