‘Fast and Furious’ Director Justin Lin Hints that Han Is Still Alive!

Credit: Universal Pictures

People die in the Fast and Furious franchise. That is something we have come to terms with over the course of it’s six (soon to be seven) installments. But one of the most painful deaths to watch was that of Han Seoul-Oh, played by Sung Kang. And what’s worse is that we had to watch it twice.

Han was a much-loved character. He didn’t say much, but when he did speak it was always to impart some deep wisdom to his fellow drivers. We were sad to see him go in Tokyo Drift, but pleased when he showed up in films four through six, which were actually set before Tokyo Drift. Then came that fateful scene in Fast & Furious 6 that showed Han’s death scene in Tokyo. We had to watch one of our favorites die again — or did we?

Justin Lin, who directed each Fast film from Tokyo Drift to Fast 6, is leaving the Fast and Furious franchise, so he did one last Twitter Q&A. When one fan asked if Han was dead after the car accident in Tokyo, Lin responded only by saying, “Hmmmm.”

Does this mean Han survived? The franchise brought Michelle Rodriguez’s character back, so it’s possible. It’s also possible that Lin is just stringing us along. But for now, we’ll hold out hope that Han will return to speak more words of wisdom and, of course, shift gears fast and furiously in various high-stress situations.

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