10 Fictitious Characters Who Would Make An Amazing BFF

Movies aren’t just amazing because of fancy visual effects, stunning backdrops, and cool costumes. The characters brought to life on the silver screen are sometimes everything you wish had in a real life best friend. It could be their quick wit, hilarious one-liners, or confident attitude that creates a strong attraction, but these 10 characters win for having the most potential for being an amazing real-life BFF.

Mavis Gary: Young Adult
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In Young Adult, Charlize Theron plays Mavis Gary, a late 30's something teen fiction ghost writer who kinda hates her life. Her DGAF attitude, bold moves, and honesty is just the kind of BFF everyone needs when they feel like looking at life from a darker point of view.

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The Neighbors movie franchise has brought out a zillion LOLs, but Zac Efron's character Teddy Sanders is one that isn't easy to forget. The cocky and confident Teddy knows how to roll with the punches, outsmart, and lend a hand in any situation. Having him as a BFF would always keep you feeling cool and in control at all times.
Elle Woods: Legally Blonde
Who wouldn't want Elle Woods as their BFF? She may come off ditzy and self-absorbed, but underneath the plastic facade is a whip smart and analytical powerhouse. Having her as a BFF by your side wouldn't just enhance your style, but together you'd turn all kinds of heads.
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Cher Horowitz: Clueless
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The always upbeat, bubbly, and fashion forward Cher Horowitz is the kind of girl who sees true potential in people, and encourages them to look and be their best at all times. She's a light of positivity with some serious style, two things everyone should have in their life.
Trent: Swingers
Break-ups are tough, but when you have a BFF like Trent in Swingers, you're set. The fun-loving party guy is the BFF you want in your corner to keep you distracted, build you up, and will stick by your side during your darkest moments.
Seth: Superbad
Columbia Pictures
There are all kinds of personalities in this world, but the fictitious Seth from Superbad is a definite standout. His adventurous, risk taking urges, is the stuff wildly fun memories with a BFF are made of. Whether it's just trying to get to a party, finding a way to date your dream girl/guy, having Seth in your life would be that much better.
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Jane may not have the warmest personality, but the loyalty she has for friends (as witnessed by her closet busting with bridesmaid dresses) is what's important. She's a pro at putting aside her own problems for the sake of others happiness, and keeping her life appearing light and carefree. As a BFF she'd always have your back and only burden you with her problems when she's reached her breaking point.
Pee-Wee Herman: Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Warner Bros
He's quirky, cute, confident, has a collection of weird, fun, and funny things, and doesn't ever stress about what to wear. He gets around on a stylin' bike and loves animals. Pee-Wee is the kind of BFF who never get embarrassed and is accepting of everyone. BFFs don't get much cooler than him.
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The most interesting people aren't popular, as proven by Andie in Pretty in Pink. Calling her a BFF would mean you're obsessed with her DIY style, no nonsense approach to petty drama, and impressive work ethic. She doesn't judge people by how they look and the last place you'd ever hang out is in a catty social situation.
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Wooderson: Dazed and Confused
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Age is nothing but a number for Wooderson. His extremely laid back attitude gives him the kind of cool so many try to attain and never achieve. Being his BFF would mean having a circle of friends of varying ages and interests. You'd hit up the coolest concerts and never worry about things not being, "alright alright alright."