Review: ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ Is Nostalgically Charming


15 years ago, we fell in love with the quirky British single gal Bridget Jones, in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Through a bit of self-deprecation and perhaps a bit more courage than she actually felt, Bridget decided to stop waiting for love and instead, put her big girl panties on (literally), get out there, and grab her fairytale. Obviously, real life isn’t like a Disney flick and Bridget encountered quite a few bumps in the road (ie: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason). And yet, a decade and a half later, Renee Zellweger has pulled out some of Bridget’s old cardigans and started on an entirely new journey in Bridget Jones’s Baby.

The film opens in nearly the exact same way as its original, it’s Bridget’s birthday and yet again she finds herself alone. However, that melancholy tone only lasts for a few short minutes. Bridg may be single once more, but she has  a ton of amazing things going for her. Finally down to her, “perfect weight”, Ms. Jones is also kicking ass at her job as a top television producer and enjoying time with her friends both old and new. At 43, she’s is enjoying life on her own terms despite not having the husband and children society tells women they need in order to feel fulfilled.

For Darcy/Jones shippers, sadly that relationship seems to have run its course. Instead, on a fun girls weekend, Bridget meets an American tech mogul, Jack (Grey’s Anatomy alum Patrick Dempsey). Dempsey is refreshing and adorable here, fitting right in with the old Jones gang. A quick reunion romp with Mr. Darcy a short time later, and Bridget finds herself peeing on a stick in the bathroom at her job, preggers. But, whose the father?


The film, of course, has its cheesy moment, but with the director of the original flick, Sharon Maguire at the helm, the film succeeds at being exceptionally clever despite having the typical tropes that we so often see in romantic comedies. The legendary Emma Thompson is another shining spot in this film as Bridget’s hilarious no-nonsense OBGYN. I found myself having several laugh-loud moments as Bridg and co attempted to navigate this precarious by oh-so-exceptionally Bridget situation.

Renée Zellweger’s first film in six years doesn’t disappoint. She and Colin Firth slip into their old characters with grace and ease as if they’d never left. The typical rom-com foundation is glittered perfectly with hilarious quips and digs at everyone from millennials to those with just a bit more years under their belts. Bridget Jones’s Baby delivers a feel-good romcom with just the right amount of refreshing comedy, a sprinkle of slapstick and a whole lot of quirkiness. And of course, the soundtrack is perfection.

Bridget Jones’s Baby hits theaters, Friday, September 16th!