‘Finding Dory’ Audience Scandalized By Accidental Showing Of ‘Sausage Party’ Trailer — Whoops!

Sausage Party look undeniably entertaining and hysterical if you’re an adult. If you’re a child expecting to see a happy-go-lucky Pixar film, Sausage Party seems like it’d be pretty horrifying. Unfortunately, one unlucky group (or lucky group depending on if you’re the type of person who wants to watch the world burn) was accidentally shown the terrifying trailer of Sausage Party during a screening of Finding Dory.

Finding Dory is the most popular movie currently in theaters and won the box office two weeks in a row. The film is so massive, a movie theater in Concord, CA had to move around movie times to accommodate the larger groups trying to see our favorite, forgetful blue fish. According to Bay Area News and Talk, in order to accommodate the massive crowds. Brendan Theater changed the movies that were meant to start in different theaters, which is typically automated by a computer. Unfortunately, that means one wrong click could play the wrong movie and wrong batch of trailers that accompany that movie — and that’s exactly what happened. A manager clicked the wrong thing and started what we’re assuming was an R-rated film that included the trailer of Sausage Party in the previews. Uh oh!

Now, we’re not sure if any children were emotionally harmed by watching happy, animated veggies get brutally murdered, nor do we know if the trailer was the more PG-version or the really, really bad, frightening trailer. We’re guessing more than a couple parents were mad that they had to explain to their children that eating food is totally okay. Do you think the incident spawned a young vegan?

Check out one of the trailers above. Sausage Party hits theaters on August 11.