‘Flight of the Conchords’ Star Bret McKenzie Set for ‘The Hobbit’

Well, this is appropriate. If one half of Flight of The Conchords had to be in a Lord of the Rings movie, it would have to be Bret McKenzie. I mean, he’s so elfish. And guess what? He’s just been cast in The Hobbit as, drum roll please…an elf!

I’m not really sure how he’s going to pull off a serious role because all I can imagine him doing is singing silly songs with Jemaine Clement about part-time models and how love is like a roll of cellotape. But even if I’m of little faith, it doesn’t really matter because Peter Jackson and crew are already filming Bilbo Baggins’ journey in New Zealand as we speak. Then again, McKenzie is from New Zealand, so I guess it’s only appropriate that he get to play an elf in his home country and maybe Jackson saw this video and couldn’t resist another chance to hand McKenzie a bow and arrow and blonde wig.

Source: THR