10 Football Films That Are Amazingly Inspiring

Football isn’t always solely about the game itself. It’s a sport that can unite, heal, and inspire people to press forward despite any adversity that they may be facing. Since football season is quickly approaching, here are some of the most inspiring football films to get you into game mode.

What's it like to have your wildest dream come true? Mark Wahlberg stars as lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan Vince Papale, who becomes the oldest rookie in NFL history despite only playing one year of college football. Invincible is a story that proves impossible might not be that far out of reach.
Before he was an hobbit in Middle Earth, Sean Astin was Rudy. This heartwarming story is about determination, perseverance and having the willpower to keep pressing forward despite any obstacles in front of you.
We Are Marshall
Tragedies can be crippling and devastating. However out of these terrible events, people can be inspired to go after their dreams and truly live their lives. Matthew McConaughey stars as Jack Lengyel a man who becomes the head football coach at Marshall University shortly after 75 of the school's football players, staff members and boosters are killed in a plane crash. We Are Marshall is a film about the will to begin again.
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Friday Night Lights
This film inspired a critically acclaimed television series. Friday Night Lights tells the story of the 1988 Permian High School Panthers football team who take a run at the state championship. Friday Night Lights is amazing because its much more than a football story, its a film about dreams, poverty, failure and success both on and off of the field.
Varsity Blues
For the people of West Canaan, Texas, football was a way of life. Varsity Blues is the story of one young quarterback's desire to have a life beyond football. Starring James Van Der Beek, the late Paul Walker and some other familiar faces that will make you nostalgic for the '90s, Varsity Blues has something for everyone; including an iconic whip cream bikini.
The Waterboy
The Waterboy is Adam Sandler at his prime. Sandler stars as Bobby Boucher Jr., a long tormented water boy who is given the opportunity to take out his anger and aggression on the football field. The Waterboy is classic because the character stems from Sandler's days on Saturday Night Live.
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Any Given Sunday
Too often football stories are told solely from a male point of view. Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday makes an effort to shatter that mold. Though the film is told mostly from the perspective of Tony D'Amato the team's veteran coach, played perfectly by Al Pacino. It's Cameron Diaz's role as media savvy team owner Christina Pagniacci that helps elevate to film to another level.  Also, Jamie Foxx's performance is the breakout role of his career.
Jerry Maguire
Sometimes the action in a football film happens outside of the playing field. Tom Cruise stars as Jerry Maguire, a down on his luck sports agent who has one last shot to make it big. There is also a bit of romance in the film for anyone who isn't the biggest football fan.
Remember the Titans
Football has played a major role in the history of the United States. It has even helped us begin healing from some of the things that ail us; including racism. Remember the Titans is a beautifully done film about a football team that was forced to integrate in 1971. It's a tale of understanding, determination and friendship. Denzel Washington is amazing as usual as the Titans' head coach, and  a baby-faced Ryan Gosling also stars in the film. The soundtrack alone makes the it a must watch movie.
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The Longest Yard
Football isn't always a serious matter. In this remake of 1974's The Longest Yard, Adam Sandler stars as Paul Crewe; a disgraced former NFL quarterback who is tasked with creating a football team of inmates while serving his prison sentence.


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