Foxx and Butler Get ‘Biblical’ in Our Exclusive ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ Clip

The fall movie season is always a mixed bag, but one release that we’re genuinely excited about (read our Fall Movie Preview if you don’t believe us) is Law Abiding Citizen, the new psychological thriller from Italian Job director F. Gary Gray. Gerard Butler (300, RocknRolla) stars as Clyde Shelton, an average Joe who goes all kinds of crazy after the men who brutally murdered his family are handed a mere slap on the wrist for their crimes.

Taking the whole vigilante concept a tad too far, Clyde embarks on an epic killing spree, taking on not just the murderers but the entire justice system itself. His ultimate target — and, something tells us, the only man who can possibly stop him — is district attorney Nick Rice (Oscar winner Jamie Foxx), the prosecutor responsible for the ill-advised plea deal that sent Butler’s grieving widower over the edge.

Overture Films was kind enough to send us an exclusive clip from Law Abiding Citizen to debut for you all. Check it out below:

We’re pretty sure that’s supposed to be blood on Butler’s lips and not lipstick, as some might have guessed. Which is a shame, because the thought of Gerard Butler playing a vengeance-seeking cross-dresser is strangely intriguing.

Law Abiding Citizen opens October 16, 2009.

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