Francis Ford Coppola Has Been Making A Secret Movie With Val Kilmer

Francis Ford CoppolaHey, remember Francis Ford Coppola? Yeah, he made a few so called “classics” back in the day, and hasn’t been heard from much since. Sure, he took a decade off and has made some mediocre films since 2007 but really he hasn’t done much for several years now. In fact, his most recent gift to modern cinema has been his offspring, Sofia. But, is this turning around? Apparently Coppola has been quietly filming his next movie on his own property, with independent funding, and with Val Kilmer.

Wait, what? Val Kilmer?

Yep, Dieter Von Cunth himself has found himself in Francis Ford Coppola’s next film. The film, titled Twixt Now and Sunrise (which makes total sense), is a thriller verging on the edge of being a horror film. Now, horror isn’t usually the foray of the great auteurs of the 70’s but hey, anything to get Coppola back into his prime. He has life long passes for The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, and Apocolypse Now so hopefully he still has another masterpiece left up his sleeve.

After all, the other filmmakers in his generation have been active for the past few years. Scorsese is absolutely killing it lately with Boardwalk Empire and The Departed. Even Shutter Island wasn’t that bad. Spielberg has been busy producing while George Lucas has continuously raked in the money. Even Woody Allen has been making movies. Not necessarily good ones, but he’s been consistent. Hopefully Coppola gets his swagger back.

As for Kilmer, good for him. Like Coppola, he had some great movies way long ago and has been coming back recently. He was amazing in the criminally underrated MacGruber and we’ll see how this turns out for them both.

Source: Deadline