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Freida Pinto Talks About the Time She Stabbed Riz Ahmed


Freida Pinto accidentally stabbed Riz Ahmed while they were filming a scene for 2011 film Trishna.

The actress played the title character in Michael Winterbottom’s film, in which Riz portrays wealthy British businessman Jay, who pursues a relationship with her.

Trishna attacks Jay with a kitchen knife in one dramatic scene in the film, and Freida has now admitted that she actually ended up stabbing her co-star because she had been handed the wrong prop knife.

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“In the scene, I get frenzied and I am stabbing him with a knife. So I’m doing it with a prop knife, where the blade retracts, and I’m kind of stabbing the bed,” she shared during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night (04Apr17).

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“Somewhere in the frenzy they swapped the knife and put a real knife in my hand and they told me stab the bed. But you’re talking to a frenzied actor right now… I got his skin on the side of his rib cage.”
Freida added that as there was a lot of fake blood involved in the scene, she started to cry because she thought she actually hurt him. Thankfully, Riz was fine and able to continue filming the scene.

The incident prompted an interesting discussion between the actors and producers, who wanted to know who would be responsible if Frieda, 32, had truly injured Riz.


“They came to the conclusion that it would be the frenzied actor (who was responsible),” she laughed of the producer’s ruling. “Not the person who put the knife in my hand!”

Meanwhile, Freida also explained her colleagues on the set of new Sky Atlantic/Showtime TV drama series Guerrilla, in which she stars alongside Idris Elba, also feel anxious around her when she’s holding a pretend gun, as she doesn’t see very well with her left eye.

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“Every time I point my gun it veers just a little to the right,” she revealed. “And I could see the actors (moving away). It was a little bit scary, because I didn’t just have a gun, I had a machine gun in my hand.”

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