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Gal Gadot battling back pain as she promotes Wonder Woman


Actress Gal Gadot is braving back pain as she promotes her new Wonder Woman blockbuster.

The new mom has to stand for interviews and press events, because sitting is too painful.

During a press conference with her castmates Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Danny Huston in Los Angeles on Sunday (21May17), she said, “I’m standing today because I threw my back out, by the way. I’m not becoming a diva I promise you. I wish I could sit.”

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Gal didn’t explain how she came by the injury, but the past 18 months have been all about the pain for the Israeli actress – from childbirth in March (17) to the bumps and bruises she experienced while shooting Wonder Woman.

“I was bruised all the time,” she tells WENN. “The most painful thing that happened to me was when we shot in Italy and we were shooting this fight and I stepped on a sea urchin. That was painful! But I just want to say we’ve (women) given birth so bruises were nothing… We’re good!”

But playing Wonder Woman was a great workout for Gal before she fell pregnant with her second child – and gave her the best body ever: “We did a lot of different types of martial arts and I did a lot of boxing just because I enjoy it and it helped me build my body,” she explains. “Also it was explosive movements which was very important for my character. I did a lot of sword work.”

Wonder Woman will be released around the world next month (Jun17).

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