Gangsters And Kittens In ‘Keanu’ Interview

Pets are always amazing. We connect with them so much that they become members of the family. For some, pets are more important than family members. We are willing to do anything for them.

Ex-Key & Peele costars Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key took that idea to the next level for their film ‘Keanu’. After a bad breakup, Rell (Peele) is in turmoil, and when he’s at his lowest, a Kitten shows up to the door. When the cat they name Keanu is stolen from Rell’s apartment, he takes his best friend Clarence (Key) on a journey to the hood where they have to pretend to be gangsters in order to get Keanu back.

Warner Bros

Jordan Peele talks about the adorableness that is Keanu, Will Forte discusses his character Hulka and the blips, Tiffany Haddish knows how to tell Rell and Clarence aren’t really gangsters and Keegan-Michael Key says how his character Clarence got really into pretending to be a gangster named Shark Tank in this interview:


Keanu comes out Friday, April 29, 2016.