George Clooney Directs Matt Damon in ‘Suburbicon’ Trailer



George Clooney as a director hasn’t really had that big hit yet until maybe his latest ‘Suburbicon’.

Gardner (Matt Damon) is a father in a small quiet town. One day a home invasion happens, his son and he move and have Aunt Margaret (Julianne Moore) come to live with them. The nervous Gardner lives in fear of the loan sharks coming to him again, and he is fully prepared to kick ass for his family. This small town man turns into a vicious killer who is just not very good at it. That’s when loan boss Roger (Oscar Isaac) comes into play and Gardner is way over his head, as if he wasn’t already.

The film seems fun and has a certain style to it that feels like a Coen brothers film. That may be because the Clooney is a fan of their work and the film is written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen.


‘Suburbicon’ is in theaters November 3, 2017.