Gerard Butler’s ‘Geostorm’ Is A Disaster In Trailer 2


Let’s see if I can explain ‘Geostorm’.

In the future NASA discovers a way to use satellites to control the weather and we no longer have to worry about natural disasters. That’s when satellites start to malfunction and bring killing weather to other countries. The right thing to do would be to shut down and figure out what’s wrong before anything else happens. Of course, that’s not what President Palma (Andrew Garcia) does.

Instead, the satellites still run, and all of the satellites go out. Max (Jim Sturgess) knows they have to shut it down, and the only one with the kill codes is the president. So he gets a Secret Service agent (Abbie Cornish) to help him kidnap the president. Also, Gerard Butler is a NASA scientist or something.

Yep sounds like one hell of a disaster.


‘Geostorm’ releases October 20, 2017.