Go Behind The Horror of ‘Happy Death Day’


If you have a movie that’s non-stop scares it tends to get stupid at a point.

Horror movies that have comedy in them will take you for a ride and the scares will actually be worse for you.

That’s what Director Christopher Landon is trying to prove with his film ‘Happy Death Day’. In it a young college girl named Tree (Rothe) lives the day of her birthday. Waking up from the random guy’s (Broussard) bed to the 50 cent ringtone, getting home and made fun of, going to a surprise party and then getting brutally murdered. She wakes up again to “in da club” to realize she’s living the same day over and over again. Tree has to rely on the hookup and her BFF Lori (Modine) to try to figure out how to get out of this nightmare, and more importantly, who is trying to kill her.

In the above interview, we take you behind the camera and hear more into how this film is going to make you laugh and scare the hell out of you. Rachel Matthews explains how it has everything that you could want in a film, Director Christopher Landon and Producer Jason Blum talk about why comedy and horror are so similar and why they work well together, and Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard discuss the story and how they keep you guessing on who the killer is.


‘Happy Death Day’ comes out on an appropriate Friday the 13th, October 13, 2017.

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