Go Behind The Music Of ‘Trolls’ In Video Interview


The Trolls are small little fun loving creatures who escaped and hid from the Bergen, bigger creatures that would eat them. The Trolls lived happy for 20 years singing and dancing and happy, except for Branch (Timberlake). Branch hates music and happiness, but still lives with the Trolls protected. When Poppy (Kendrick) throws a party, the Bergen find the Trolls and kidnap some of them to eat. It’s up Poppy and Branch to save their Trolls friends.

With animated films, it’s one thing to have an incredible cast and beautiful animation, but they need the right songs to go along with the film. That’s where co-star and musician come in, Justin Timberlake comes in. Justin had the pleasure of not only being in the film but also being the Executive Music Producer. In the above interview go behind the music of Trolls where Anna Kendrick talks about how important music is in animation as well as why “Song of Silence” is her favorite song in the film, Christopher Mintz-Plasse discusses working with Timberlake as a Music Director and Justin Timberlake says how awesome it was to work with actors that can also sing, as well as what to look forward to while watching the movie.


Trolls will release Friday, November 4, 2016.