Go Behind The Scenes And Bloopers of ‘The House’


Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler have never starred in a movie together.

Sure they’ve been in movies together, and Amy was the villain in 2007’s Blades of Glory, but the two have never starred in a film together, until now with their latest ‘The House’.

In the film, Kate (Poehler) and Scott (Ferrell) Johansen have a daughter who is about to go off to college. The parents couldn’t be more proud until they find out how much college is and there is no way they could afford it on what they currently make. That’s when Frank (Jason Mantzoukas) steps in and suggests an illegal underground casino. The two naturally go for it and events unfold.

Will and Amy have such good chemistry from back in their Saturday Night Live days and it turns out that was a good thing. The two barely had any time to rehearse. In the above interview go behind the scenes and watch the actors crack up at some of the funniest lines and moments, while Will, Amy, Jason, and Nick Kroll talk about the chemistry between the actors.


‘The House’ is out June 30, 2017.