Go Behind The Scenes And Dances of ‘La La Land’


‘La La Land’ is one of this year’s big Oscar film, but what goes into making a hit musical in 2016?

As it turns out, a lot. Especially when you choose to have the film be starred Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, two bonified stars that had never danced professionally or played instruments before. Gosling has never played piano, and to turn him into a jazz pianist took months, and then Emma and Ryan had to learn how to dance for months.

In the above behind the scenes interview, Director Damien Chazelle talks about how all the cast got really behind the idea of doing a film in the style of the classics as well as how easy it was to put Gosling and Stone together, Emma Stone loves the concept behind the story, Ryan Gosling shares his secret wish of doing a film in this style. Then the supporting cast including J.K. SimmonsRosemarie DeWittFinn Wittrock and John Legend talk about where they are in the roles they play.


Was it all worth it? Find out when La La Land dances it’s way into theaters on December 16, 2016.