Go Behind The Scenes and Horrors of ‘Halloween’

There have been a total of 10 Halloween movies, with probably 2 of them good. It’s easy to go off the edge of what the original film was.

When Universal announced there would be a new Halloween film, we didn’t really know what to expect. Then we found out Jamie Lee Curtis would be attached to it, and so would John Carpenter. During the first trailer, we found out the best part; in this world, only the original Halloween film exists.

Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) survived the horrible night of Michael Myers, and since then, she’s wanted one thing; to kill him. That night traumatized her, and she has been prepping ever since then. Her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) thinks she’s obsessive and her granddaughter (Andi Matichak) doesn’t understand. Well, he gets out, and he’s back to his old tricks of killing anything and everything without reason.

In the above interview creator of Halloween John Carpenter talks about his original film, Director David Gordon Green goes into where and when his film takes place as well as how he created the horror for the film, Judy Greer remembers the first time she saw the film, Andi Matichak discusses Michael and how scary he was ever before the film, and finally Jamie Lee Curtis tells us the moment she knew she needed to be in the film, why Michael is truly horrifying, and what audiences are going to get out of watching the film.


‘Halloween’ releases October 19, 2018.