Go Behind The Scenes and Into The Stunts of ‘CHiPs’


The original CHiPs came out in 1977 in a time before everything became digital, so for Warner’s newest film, why change a good thing?

‘CHiPs’ the film follows Officer Jon Baker (Shepard), a rookie motorcycle cop. He’s great on a bike but bad as a cop. There are some shady cops on the inside, so he has to team up with Ponch (Peña) an FBI agent who has gone undercover. The two must work together to catch some bad guys and find out who amongst the officers isn’t what they say they are.

With ‘CHiPs’ you assume there’s going to be some awesome action and great motorcycle riding. Star and Director Dax Shepard did not want to disappoint, so it’s basically all real. In the above interview, go behind the scenes with  Michael Peña talks about making a film for people who love action, Vincent D’Onofrio is impressed with the stunt work, Kristen Bell tells us what it’s like to work with her husband Dax, and Dax Shepard says why he wanted real life action as well as what else to expect from the movie.


CHiPs releases March 24, 2017.

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