Go Behind The Scenes of Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’



Amy Schumer can get a lot of hate, but for a comedy film, her newest movie ‘I Feel Pretty’ has a lot to say.

Society judges you based on how you look, it doesn’t matter race, gender, whatever, constant judging. Renee Bennett (Schumer) knows this and lives it every day. One day at a spin class she has an accident and this head injury makes her believe that she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. With this comes the confidence, and she exceeds at everything she’s ever dreamed of, everything she thought only pretty girls could get, all while staying the same person on the outside.

In the above interview, go behind the scenes of ‘I Feel Pretty’ and hear from Emily Ratajkowski about why she feels this movie is important, Aidy Bryant living your life with no inhibitions, Naomi Campbell says who the movie is for, Michelle Williams discusses why Amy is the perfect girl for the role,  says Rory Scovel what Renee really learns, and Amy Schumer tells us who Renee is based on as well as why she did this movie.


‘I Feel Pretty’ releases April 20, 2018.