Go Behind The Scenes of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

‘Captain America: Civil War’ pits friends against each other for what they think is right, and fans have been looking forward to this film, some for all of their lives.

You would think that for an accomplished actor like the all-star team that Marvel has gotten together, this would be another day at the office. As it turns out, fighting each other is very different than fighting a villain. Not only that, but all of the actors know how important the film is for fans and they don’t want to disappoint. Chadwick A Boseman and Paul Rudd are excited they get to join the other Avengers while the veterans Sebastian StanElizabeth OlsenJeremy Renner, Co-Directors Joe Russo and Anthony RussoAnthony Mackie and of course Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans discuss what it’s like fighting people you’ve worked with for so long in this behind the scenes interview:


Captain America: Civil War releases Friday, May 6, 2016.