Go Behind the Scenes of Elton John movie ‘Rocketman’


A movie about Elton John can’t just be a normal documentary, so ‘Rocketman’ isn’t your average biopic.

Sure it follows his life from young child learning to play piano, to his first time at the Troubador to finding love and falling out of it, to his drug and alcohol downfall. The best and most important thing is Elton John’s life is followed by the music of Elton John. It may not be in chronological order, but if the story calls for it the music will happen.

In the above interview, Elton John explains why this movie couldn’t be a biopic, Taron Egerton discusses the importance of getting this movie right, piano & vocal coach Michael L. Roberts tells us the two most important scenes to get right, Richard Madden says why this movie was terrifying for him, Jamie Bell thinks they did this movie justice, and Elton and Taron come back to talk about Elton’s life.


‘Rocketman’ releases on May 31, 2019.