Go Behind The Scenes Of Emma Watson’s ‘The Circle’

The entire idea of ‘The Circle’ is kind of terrifying.

Mae (Watson) was struggling at a call center job when she got the phone call that she’d been hired for a job at The Circle. The Circle is headed by Bailey (Hanks) and is supposed to be the end all be all of the internet. Everything you do online can be done through the Circle. Mae is happy there, and soon she is promoted. Tom (Oswalt) is their techie, and he wants Mae to start sharing everything at all times using a video recorder. Things start getting shady and Kalden (Boyega) has uncovered the truth and now Mae needs to get out.

The scary thing about ‘The Circle’ is that it doesn’t seem that far off. However, this isn’t really a horror movie, more of a “precautionary tale” of what could happen if we continue sharing everything and companies continue collecting that data. In the above interview, go behind the scenes of the filming of ‘The Circle’ with stars Emma WatsonTom HanksPatton Oswalt, and John Boyega to find out more about the plot and why people should be concerned.

The Circle releases tomorrow, April 28, 2017.

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