Go Behind The Scenes of Gerard Butler’s ‘Den of Thieves’


‘Den of Thieves’ is the ultimate cops and robbers movie.

The one team (50 Cent, Jackson JR., Schreiber) are the most successful bank robbing crew, and they have their hearts set on the never before robbed Federal Reserve Bank, but when the elite unit of the LA County Sheriff’s Department, led by Nick (Butler) come, they are done playing games and will do whatever it takes to bring them in, no matter what little things like the law have to say.

The film is gritty and real, and they only way to accomplish that was to train the men in the art of the combat. In the above interview go behind the scenes where Curtis “50 Cent Jackson talks about the military training they had to go through to make it more real, Pablo Schreiber discussed how they kept the two teams separate for some natural rivalry, O’Shea Jackson Jr. explains the plot, and Gerard Butler tells us how he loves how the story not only shows the real pain their families go through but about how this story is different than what you think it actually is.


‘Den of Thieves’ releases January 19, 2018.

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