Go Behind The Scenes Of Natalie Portman’s ‘Jackie’


It’s hard to imagine to comprehend what life was like for Jacqueline Kennedy immediately after her husband’s death. ‘Jackie’ takes us into her life. Most of us have experienced death, but hopefully, you had time to grieve. Jackie Kennedy had to look strong in front of the media basically immediately. Fox Searchlight’s film ‘Jackie’ brings us into that life, but for star Natalie Portman, it was tough for her to describe.

In this behind the scenes interview, Peter Sarsgaard says his expectations on how Natalie portrayal of the first lady, Billy Crudup wants people to be put into her shoes, and Natalie Portman talks about how she took on the role, as well as trying to relate to something that was unrelatable, as well as what she wants people to take from the film.


Jackie releases this Friday, December 2, 2016.