Go Behind The Scenes of ‘Now You See Me 2’ In Video


The first Now You See Me brought together 4 illusionists who outwitted the FBI and performed heists during their performances. The 4 horsemen included Atlas (Eisenberg) “The Showman”, Merritt (Harrelson) “The Hypnotist”, Wilder (Franco) “The Sleight”, and Reeves. Now, a year after that heist, and switch out Reeves for new-comer Lula (Caplan), the horsemen join together for a comeback tour. Unfortunately, the horsemen are outsmarted and their show is stopped by a tech prodigy named Walter Mabry (Radcliffe) who needs them for a heist.


‘Now You See Me 2’ hopes to blend magic with a heist film again, and the cast thinks they’ve accomplished that. In this behind the scenes interview, Morgan Freeman tells us what they are trying to accomplish with the sequel, Dave Franco talks about why he loves this franchise, Lizzy Caplan explains her characters magic ability, Jesse Eisenberg discusses how similar a magic trick is to a caper film, Daniel Radcliffe says how excited he is to join the franchise, Mark Ruffalo breaks down his fight scene, and Woody Harrelson talks about breaking the natural laws.


Now You See Me 2 releases this Friday, June 10, 2016.

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