Go Behind The Scenes Of ‘Patriots Day’ In Video Interview


‘Patriots Day’ is a movie that had to be done right.

The events that happened during the Boston Marathon bombing are still very much fresh in the minds and hearts of the Boston PD and it’s residents, so when Director Peter Beg and Mark Wahlberg set out to make the film, they knew they had to do it the story justice. That meant not only shooting in Boston, but to use their residents, and the people involved with the manhunt to actually be on set to make sure things were as correct as possible.

Go behind the scenes in the above videos where Director Peter Berg discusses why he likes to go to the locations for his films,  John Goodman sits with Ex-Boston Police Comissioner Ed Davis to say why they both agreed to the project, Sgt. Jeffrey Puglies tells us that he had no idea who J.K. Simmons was before it was announced that he was going to portray him as well as how well J.K. did, and Mark Wahlberg talks about his commitment to the people of Boston as well as what good this event brought out of people.


Patriots Day releases in theaters on December 21, 2016.

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