Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’


Years ago if you would have told me back in 1998 that there would be a live action Pokémon movie I would have thought you were kidding.

If you also would have told me it wouldn’t happen until 2019 I would asked: “those things are still around?”.

Well they are, and with the help of constantly releasing games and a phone App, they are bigger than ever, and we are starting off the Pokémon film franchise with ‘Detective Pikachu’. A boy’s (Justice Smith) father has gone missing, and it’s up to Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds), a rarePokémon that can speak English, to save his father and possibly the world.

Finding the voice of a Pikachu who is a coffee addict and thinks he’s a detective must have been complicated, but rethinking it, Ryan Reynolds is a perfect candidate. He’s proven he can make it in the superhero meta world with Deadpool, how much different could a little Pokémon be (minus the whole made for young kids thing)? In the above behind the scenes interview hear why Ryan agreed to voice the character, Justice Smith talks about how weird Detective Pikachu is, Kathryn Newton discussesPokémon finally coming to life, and Ryan explains taking the CGI to the next level.


‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ releases on May 10, 2019.