Go Behind The Scenes of The Last ‘Pitch Perfect’ Movie


Pitch Perfect started in 2012 and what I thought was going to be a throwaway movie turned into a trilogy with the last one releasing this Friday.

In Pitch Perfect Beca (Kendrick) joins the Bellas, an all-girl acapella group to take on the boy rivals in a singing competition, in Pitch Perfect 2 the Bellas fail and then try to take on an international competition. In this film, the group has split for real jobs until they decide that sucks and they want to reunite to perform on the USO tour.

In the above interview go behind the scenes of the filming of Pitch Perfect 3 and find out from Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick about what’s going on in this film, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp talk about the commodity off camera between the Bellas, Ester Dean and Hailee Steinfeld tell us how much fun all the cast had reuniting, and Hana Mae Lee and Chrissie Fit tell us how natural it was getting back to filming, and Wilson and Kendrick say if they will miss each other (spoiler: they will).

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