Go Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Transformers’ Films With IMAX


Say what you will about Director Michael Bay but you know you will get a couple of things when you go see his films. Explosions, hot girls, and larger than life action.

In order to have that larger than life action for his Transformer series, Bay partnered up with IMAX cameras. With IMAX everything is bigger; the camera, physical film and even the budget has bigger. A normal film camera weighs around 40 lbs, an IMAX camera is 240 lbs normally. The film size of the film is so big it can only be shot for 3 minutes at a time.

Is it worth it? Michael Bay seems to think so, and for the next film in his franchise he’s partnered up once again with the camera company. This time, the camera is smaller (without lowering the quality, and has even created the first IMAX 3D cameras, by putting two cameras together in a 3D rig.


Transformers: The Last Knight releases on June 23, 2017.