Go Behind The Scenes of Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’


Barry Seal’s ( Cruise) life seems a little too crazy to be true.

He started as a TWA agent, but after getting arrested for smuggling he began doing that full-time. He made a ton of money smuggling marijuana and then cocaine into the country for some of the biggest names in cartels. After getting arrested for years the DEA and CIA contacted him to start doing that for the government. He would then be involved in taking down some of the biggest drug lords in history, and Seal was still gaining a ton of money for it.

Barry Seal’s life was like a movie, so it was just a matter of time before someone made a movie about him, and thankfully it was Tom Cruise. In the above interview go behind the scenes and hear how Tom Cruise elevated the production, why Cruise had to actually fly the plane instead of CGI, and more about if they actually respected the life of Barry Seal.


‘American Made’ releases September 29, 2017.