Go behind the scenes of Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’

‘Gemini Man’ is quite the feat.

In the past, we’ve seen digital alterations of characters that are older than what they played. Think about Leia in Rogue One. It was almost as if Carrie Fisher had shown up and appeared from the 70s straight out of A New Hope. Gemini Man took that and took it a step further and completely recreated Will Smith as if he was the Fresh Prince again.

Young Will Smith in Gemini Man is a digital recreation of Will Smith. Not a makeup or slightly CGI’d Smith, but a total recreation of the 51-year-old actor. In the above video, go behind the scenes of the movie with Will and Director Ang Lee, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and VFX supervisors Bill Westenhofer and Guy Williams as they talk about how far along the technology is and why this movie literally could not have been made as close to a year ago.


‘Gemini Man’ is in theaters now.