Go Behind the Scenes of WWI epic ‘1917’

There’s nothing more than I love than a good long take.

If they make sense, the dance the actor does with the camera can be memorizing, heart pumping, and really take you into a scene. Sam Mendes is well aware of the effect that this camera technique has on people, and what better way to use it then in a war epic.

The story is simple, two soldiers are told that one of their brothers are walking into a trap, and without any way to communicate, they have to go deep across battle lines to find them and save troops. It’s easy to forget about the heroism that the young men went through, especially when its been years and the survivor’s tales are soon to be gone. Sam knew this and to honor those men he made this film and really wanted to put you in the action.

Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay, and Director Sam Mendes talk about the longevity of long takes, the effect, and the why of their movie ‘1917’.


‘1917’ releases on January 10, 2020.