Go Behind The Scenes Of The Other World of ‘Alien: Covenant’


The Alien Franchise is much loved by fans.

Alien came out in 1979 and while there have been many sequels, none could do it as well as the first. Fans wanted to like the prequel Prometheus, but it just fell flat, or on its side without anyone knowing to turn away from it. So could the ‘Prometheus’ sequel but ‘Alien’ prequel deliver?

Reviews are coming in and they say yes, so far. As great as the cast is, the Director Ridley Scott is the reason that most people are excited about this film. Ridley knows how to make a great film, and in the above interview you can go behind the scenes and hear from the cast on why. Michael Fassbender talks about where he ranks in directors he’s worked with or heard about, Billy Crudup tells us why it’s rewarding to collaborate with the director, Danny McBride discusses his energy and the impressive sets, Katherine Waterston compares this film to the original, and Ridley Scott says what he wants audiences to feel after seeing the film.


Alien: Covenant releases May 19, 2107.