Go Behind The Scenes With Steve Spielberg In ‘The BFG’


Steven Spielberg is arguably one of the greatest living directors today. Spielberg is a three-time Oscar award winner with films that include LincolnThe TerminalSaving Private RyanJurassic ParkSchindler’s List, The Indiana Jones series, The list could keep going on for awhile.

So what makes him such a great director? In the above interview go behind the scenes of ‘The BFG’ where Mark Rylance (who worked with Spielberg previously on Ryalance’s Academy Award winning performance for Bridge of Spies) discusses  getting the best performance possible out of new young actress Ruby Barnhill, Ruby tells us about Spielberg’s kindness, Musician John Williams talks about how Steven and him make music for his films, and Steven Spielberg tells us why he thinks movies like BFG are him as a director at his best.


The BFG is out in theaters now.

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